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“A Gust of Wind” – Paul Cocksedge

“Detroit Industry” – Diego Rivera

Paul Chihuly

Choose Your Own Adventure Books!

“Tortoise and the Hare” – Living Books!

Telectroscope – 2 cameras hooked up “linking” tunnel from NY to London

“Flaming June” – Lord Frederic Leighton

“LILYPAD” – Vincent Callebaut Architectures

A prototype for emergency flotation communities during global flooding disasters, the skin of the structure would be made of titanium dioxide and absorb CO2 to make its own sustainable energy.

MANDALAS!  – this seems like a really cool subject we can research along with sacred and universal symbols, I read a lot about how different cultures like Tibet used these visual forms for meditation and concentration on what it means to be one with the universe and stuff 🙂  very exciting that there are VISUAL universals…like prime shapes..

FRACTALS!!! in nature – The Himalayas (oh wow FUNNY I put this after the Tibetan mandalas!!  I seriously think the SHAPE and structure and COLORS of your environment directly shape and color the culture … maybe that is just so evident lol but I think its interesting that there is such a perceived connection)

Romanesco Broccoli – saw these in Union Sq Market today

I like cool things from nature, like this purple praying mantis and also those deep underwater bioluminescent creatures =)

I can’t tell if I’m getting off topic or not, everything in life connects together eventually lol

I will just close now with some pictures I like hahaha I hope this was helpful for the group, I can find more specific public art examples as well 🙂

Art Noveau

typography! :p

I ♥ graffiti

lego wall repair



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  1. I really like the last image( Lego wall repair) in that it can be built by many people (cooperation) and each of the color may reflect themselves, which is great. Even though they have all different things in their minds but ultimately, they have all same aim of making one piece of wall with lego.

    • Yes you are so right Hyeyoon, I’m always trying to think of ways everyone can participate in their own individual way, but all together it makes a larger beautiful piece collectively … i think the cutup method is a great basis for that kind of organization

  2. I love the praying mantis! The colors you pick are so beautiful, the oranges and purples, and graffiti. They remind me of being underwater. At the natural history museum I noticed in the ocean setting how blue everything looked ( crazy right? lol) 🙂 And I love the legos too. This idea of being a piece of something bigger than its parts. These fantastical natural occurences of extreme beauty. A lot of these things aren’t recreated by people, their these special domains of nature outside of our realm of perception. Cosmic energies and synergies and emergencies. I’d be really curious to see a mapping of natural disasters in the last 50 years and if they’ve gone up, in scale or occurrence. I feel like these things are happening more often than before (!)

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