Basic elements for symbols

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  • Some of the common meanings associated with the basic colors
  • Basic core concepts with a number

    ONE:  Unity.
    TWO:  Duality.
    THREE:  Spirit.
    FOUR:  Physical matter.
    FIVE:  The Body.
    SIX:  Balance and Harmony.
    SEVEN:   Good Fortune.
    Eight:   Material Concerns.
    NINE:  Chaos
    TEN:   Completion
    Ten is the number of completion.   Mathematics is based on 10.

    Suits of Cartomancy

    First are the meanings of the suits. The heart represents the feminine principle, emotions and matters of relationships and the family. In the tarot the cup symbolizes it. The club (tarot’s literal club) represents the masculine principle, of labor and effort and non-emotional pursuits. The diamond (tarot’s coin) obviously represents money and matters of money and wealth. And finally the spade (tarot’s sword) represents strife and conflict of one sort or another.



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