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These are a series of geolyphs – a drawing on the ground – found in the Nazca Desert of Peru, in South America. There are no known records in human history of their creation though it is well established that they are of ancient origin. Present day science is silent on this strange patterns that stretch for over more than 80 kilometers between the Peruvian towns of Nazca and Palpa.


Crop circles are patterns that are found in fields of rye and corn in certain parts of the world that do not have any explanation as regards to their creation. The crops are bent near the root to create strange patterns in the field. There is a lot of debater of ‘non-human’ creation versus ‘pranksters’ – but there still does not seem to be any consensus.


The World`s 9 Weirdest Natural Phenomena

Saturday, November 17, 2007
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1.Ice Storm Quebec

We all remember the 1998 ice storm in Quebec.Over fifty high voltage towers collapsed, one after another. According to wiki “just one quarter of an inch of ice accumulation can add about 500 pounds of weight per line span”.

2.Morocco’s Climbing Goats 

Goats on trees are found mostly only in Morocco. The goats climb them because they like to eat the fruit of the argan tree, which is similar to an olive. Farmers actually follow the herds of goats as they move from tree to tree. Not because it is so strange to see goats in trees and the farmers like to point and stare, but because the fruit of the tree has a nut inside, which the goats can’t digest, so they spit it up or excrete it which the farmers collect. The nut contains 1-3 kernels, which can be ground to make argan oil used in cooking and cosmetics. This oil has been collected by the people of the region for hundreds of years, but like many wild and useful things these days, the argan tree is slowly disappearing due to over-harvesting for the tree’s wood and overgrazing by goats.

3. Total solar eclipse on 11-AUG-99 

A total solar eclipse is one of the greatest astronomical events,occurred in Europe on 11-AUG-99.

4.Etna eruption Nov. 2006 

Since mid-October 2006, Etna has been in a spectacular phase of eruptions involving strong strombolian activity from the SE crater, lava flows from several vents, located at 2800 m SE of SE crater in the wall of Valle del Bove as well as from vents at fractures W of SE crater on the slope of Bocca Nuova crater, on the S fissure of SE crater and – most recently – in the saddle between Voragine and SE crater.

5.Tsunami, Indonesia and Thailand 

Following a 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, a massive tsunami and tremors struck Indonesia and southern Thailand Lanka on 26th December 2004.
6.Hurricane Katrina 

Katrina formed on August 23 during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and caused devastation along much of the north-central Gulf Coast. The most severe loss of life and property damage occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana
7.Idaho’s Fire Rainbow 

The atmospheric phenomenon known as a circumhorizon(tal) arc, or “Fire rainbow”, appears when the sun is high in the sky (i.e., higher than 58° above the horizon), and its light passes through diaphanous, high-altitude cirrus clouds made up of hexagonal plate crystals. Sunlight entering the crystals’ vertical side faces and leaving through their bottom faces
is refracted (as through a prism) and separated into an array of visible colors. When the plate crystals in cirrus clouds are aligned optimally (i.e., with their faces parallel to the ground), the resulting display is a brilliant spectrum of colors reminiscent of a rainbow. The example shown above was captured on camera as it hung for about an hour across a several-hundred square mile area of sky above northern Idaho (near the Washington border) on 3 June 2006.
8.Atlantic salmon migration

Atlantic salmon are known as the “king of fish,” an appropriate title for many reasons. Atlantic salmon make a tremendous journey during their lifetime, migrating from the fresh water streams of their youth to feeding grounds in the north Atlantic Ocean and back again to spawn. Their capacity to return back to the same stream where they were hatched has captivated and mystified biologists for hundreds of years. Salmon are among the most beautiful of fish; stream-lined, silver and graceful. They are powerful, too, among the greatest fighters in the fishing world. And perhaps most important of all, Atlantic salmon are a symbol of clean, unspoiled waters that run wild to the sea. For those of us who live near the Connecticut River, Atlantic salmon are also a symbol of clean and wild waters reclaimed.

9.Venezuela’s Everlasting Storm 

The mysterious “Relámpago del Catatumbo” (Catatumbo lightning) is a unique natural phenomenon in the world. Located on the mouth of the Catatumbo river at Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), the phenomenon is a cloud-to-cloud lightning that forms a voltage arc more than five kilometre high during 140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours a night, and as many as 280 times an hour. This almost permanent storm occurs over the marshlands where the Catatumbo River feeds into Lake Maracaibo and it is considered the greatest single generator of ozone in the planet, judging from the intensity of the cloud-to-cloud discharge and great frequency. The area sees an estimated 1,176,000 electrical discharges per year, with an intensity of up to 400,000 amperes, and visible up to 400 km away. This is the reason why the storm is also known as the Maracaibo Beacon as light has been used for navigation by ships for ages.



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  1. I love the fire rainbow and everlasting storm. That’s so cool, our ozone comes from a cloud factory in venezuela. and the clouds are made up of hexagons and prisms. Color and light is based on this thing called constructive interference. Light travels in waves and if the surface is a structural color, meaning the physical structure of the surface creates the color rather than the surface itself. This is how we get iridescent colors that you see in birds feathers, and butterfly wings. It also makes me think of avatar and being underwater 🙂

    I found this cool site about the hows and whys of color:

    • It’s cool! I didn’t know how iridescent colors are made up!
      Thanks and I really like the three phrase about colorful world.
      It reminds me of your poetic writing!

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