Mount Kimbie, Haque : Primal Source

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I love this band and I love this song. The video is unexpected and lovely. It’s a love story about boys and girls.

Liz, today you described Mandalas to Victor, you said Monks would meditate upon the Mandala about the forms of the Universe. That’s the best description!

When I started  researching Mandalas I went straight into the bog of google images. I knew what a Mandala looked like… but that’s only half the story, a completely surface way of knowing. The life cycle of the Mandala really touched me, its creation and destruction – from nothing to something then transformed into energy released into the environment. A thing so beautiful from intent to form, a shared concept runs through its creation and final form. The process is the final form. The monks, when looking and meditating upon a completed Mandala, are reflecting upon the unity of life, exemplified in the ritual of the Mandala’s creation. The nature of forms is one of ebbs and flows, of building and destruction, the duality!

Ideas of IMPERNANCE and COLLECTIVE CREATION. We can reflect upon what the collective creates in a MOMENT. This idea of MANY creating within a certain time and space. It reminds me of this piece…

People actively participate and create the art. The act of collecting people together is an art as well!

Being within the COLLECTIVE MOMENT is something I love about going to live shows. The music is created within that moment, it exists within the people, in the space, only on that day. Whatever is created is like a an ode to time. Like the Mandala, live music is a temporal creation. (+pos)ENERGY is created at shows through musically knitting a crowd of strangers together by collective participation. Linking energy is released into the environment, we can feel what it’s like to be a part of the one-ness of shared experience. Universal Collective Consciousness!

and now … a totally fun music game with snoflakes.



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  1. I LOVE this sound game!

    The animation and color, design and ideas… super super great!

  2. I loved the song and the video 🙂 In the beginning when they were showing all the lips and eyes, it was making me think about how if you show repeated images of the same shape or characteristic or element that applies to everyone, it really makes you feel the connectedness of them all.
    Also I liked how “scratching” the surface or background of the video made it look really beautiful in a simple way.

    Victor! I was like “well if you don’t know what a mandala is why did you shake your head so strongly hahah like no! im not drawing one” im like yes you are … hahahha

    cause yes you are right it can look like anything, like i mean besides a million different artistic styles, its found in nature…shapes within shapes…
    its just a paradigm or physical dynamic that can be applied or depicted in many things … yes the nature of forms! is a dualistic cycle of birth and death … 🙂

    ok WOW that light color projection in the sky was AMAZHING!!!!
    on a smaller note that reminds me, at Burning Man they projected one of those plastic things you turn upside down and the different viscious color liquids move around one another. I took a video 🙂

    KIRBY remember how I was telling you about the *infinite moments*? Its definitely the same thread of *collective moments* cause its like this special moment where all the energy of what is happening swells in a meaningful and powerful way I think.

    Okay so guys thats what we need to create, a collective shared experience that illuminates the universal connectivity that exists 🙂

  3. this videos awesome! reminds me of oil and water — dinergy???? 2 parts coming together to create a whole but still retain their intitial qualities.

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