AYA Starwheel Mandalas

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When I first started researching mandalas, this one artist AYA’s website got me really excited.  He created 144 Starwheel Mandalas.  I’m going to post excerpts here for you because he writes pretty uhhh theatrically hahaha – BUT is nonetheless still totally all about the ideas we are interested in.  Also I believe there is some really good descriptive narrative language in here for many of the terms and concepts we are trying to connect in an abstract meaningful way.


Those indeed were the two job requirements: It had to be tangible — something I could create with my own hands and experience with my physical senses. And yet it also had to carry the unique Joy of Transcendence. (These are my job requirements too! lol…if helping people is included under the unique joy of transcendence 🙂

Fundamentally, Sacred Geometry is not merely a teaching. It has to be practiced, hands-on, as a compass-and-ruler, geometric discipline… eyes-on, as an awareness yoga of re-perception and re-creation of Reality… and hearts-on, as a meditative contemplation on Oneness, Love, and Beauty.

There is a healing grace and magic in hands-on work, because our overused minds get to quiet down, and we are given access to the many other channels of information, communication, and intelligence that we are.

Hands-on (or feet-on) work truly is a meditation…the body’s innate wisdom will turn on and offer us priceless gifts. A tremendous current flows when the fingertips are touching the material world… without any rhyme or reason. (This reminds me of how Stuart always says we can’t use our laptops or phones in class because it takes our mind OUT of the room – but we can DOODLE because our pencil is connected to our hand which is connected to our brain!)

The most essential tool of Sacred Geometry — the pair of compasses — exist in the body in at least three locations: using the thumb as the hub, any one of the fingers can serve as the span to draw a circle. Using one’s shoulder as the center point, the entire arm can inscribe a wheel shape on the wall. Or, like the whirling dervishes, we can use one toe as the point side and the other as the scribe side. (Dance is another form of expression of universal forms and shapes!)

Using our body as the compass, we become the universe. We stretch from the unmovable Origin point to the myriad manifestations of the Periphery, the suburbs of the universe and of ourselves. Sacred Geometry, by resonant symmetry and analogy, teaches me that the human body is the body of the Universe.

In between stands the Radius, the direct journey to and from, the Gaze. The Radius is the conscious awareness that Center and Periphery are One and the Same. Thus, we embody universal Creation, and the human becomes the anthropocosm.

Think about it: Every time we walk and take a step, we duplicate universal creation as mini divine compasses. We repeatedly plant the Axis of the World and stretch a new radius, while expanding as an omni-directional sphere of energy.

As the medieval wisdom said:

God is a circle whose center is everywhere and periphery nowhere.

I would suggest keeping Sacred Geometry very “hands-on.” Just let the body play with compasses, straightedge, and protractor to create the geometric building blocks: squares and cubes, triangles and tetras, pentagons and penta-stars, circles, semi-circles, and vesicas, spheres and cups, polygon stars and flowers … in all shapes, colors and textures… in all sizes … alone and in groups… with paper and glue, markers or sticks… on the ground, on a napkin, in your imagination… spontaneously improvising…

Maybe then we’ll get some glimpse into the language of Creation.

Yogic perception is like the hi-tech vision shift activated by the “stereogram” computer images. They look like very ordinary, visual scenes — until you find the right proportional gazing distance and the correct angle of cross vision. And then, suddenly and shockingly, a completely different scene pops up in 3D. Whether we need simple diagrams or sophisticated matrices, most people require some “activator” keys tuning them to certain types of inner doorways.

Sacred Geometry pulls you in like a spinning vortex. And the more mandalic the design, the stronger the vortex effect.

Okay then he starts talking about how we are remembering inner arts of visualization and projection 🙂

I’ll just also include his closing … some people might laugh and think its cheesy but its said with love and its so true:

As an artist with twenty years of parenting mandalas, I can vouch for the spiritual power of the Mandala Path of Sacred Geometry. It gifted me with the dear company of a living, playful, intelligent and lovingly benevolent universe.

In times of doubt, it gave me new vision and hope that indeed we, as embodied humans, are conscious co-creators seeded with a divine fractal of infinity. It taught me how to live by the Golden Ratio rule of Spirit, the Golden Relationship: “Give to others the same Love, Beauty, and Harmony that you and others are receiving from the Whole.”

I think Sacred Geometry is making a sudden come-back in the collective consciousness because it embodies a wisdom whose time has come: a contemplative meditation upon Oneness.

It is the collective re-appearance of our deepest inner knowledge, merging with the all-encompassing Unity of Life and giving ourselves permission to dance again the Cosmic Mandala.

We are the Canvas, the Circle and the Artist. We are the Tool, the Mandala and the Creator.

May we all be the Dance.


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