Marumiyan / Chris Ofili

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LIZ Thanks for posting more info about the Mandalas.

Marumiyan‘s use of collage and mixed media creates a connective imagery. He also explores cultures through symbolism. The second one reminds me of the posters for this years grammy’s that were all over the city, Marumiyan’s work is different because it links the single personality to universal / cultural motifs. The grammy posters were all about the individual’s journey. My understanding of Mandala’s is that there are two paths, the internal and the external. It can be an individual expression, with the individual as the central point from which everything else is an extension, Or it can be about the external, the whole, and how everything works together. Both of these are always present, but I think in each Mandala the focus is tilted in one direction or the other.

Marumiyan reminded me of Chris Ofilis No Woman No Cry painting in the Tate London.

When shown under a black light, the words RIP Stephen Lawrence 1974-1998 can be seen. Stephen Lawrence was a British Black teenager who was murdered and the guilty parties were never charged or punished. I can’t think of the word for it right now… but his name became the poster-child for continuing racial prejudice in London. (A similar story was the impetus behind the 2001 Cincinnati Riots – an unarmed black 19 year old man was killed by the police, the 15th such shooting of a black male under 40 in a month). The individual experience of a mother losing her son is linked with the symbolism the name Stephen Lawrence brings up. The painting is online in the google galleries so you can zoom in and see the rich texture created by using mixed media!

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