Neville Brody + David McCandless : Data Viz

February 27, 2011 at 4:59 am | Posted in research | 2 Comments

is the mandala….  data viz.



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  1. o hell yea mandalas are DATA VIS – like some of the oldest forms of it …. although I was just reading your comics book on the way home and it was showing how there were those really old pictorial stories of cultures ie.Tiger Claw and the Norman conquest of England
    maybe we should look at the original glyphs for language …like the original marks may be reduced to just notions / concepts YES! they are because im thinking about the Hebrew alphabet now (what the old Testament was written in) and Im pretty sure the forms of the letter and even the sound had all these meanings regarding creation and their conceptualization of God or the “original whole” and what came out of life after that.
    OHMYGOD HYEYOON by the way last night we tripped out that Triangle, Square, Circle, matches up to A, B, C !!!!!! do you see it!!! lol 🙂

    ok im going to keep watching now, its blowing my mind yes

    Im thinking about how they said data vis can be political, it is still subjective… and this needs to be strongly considered because of the big affect images have on people. It just made me think of advertising and how now images have all become a game about who can best represent an idea so that it makes $$$$$

    but when you use it for good, to shed light and make people see things in a way they never had before … well its just very powerful and moving that you could open people’s minds like that by appealing to their visual senses!

    I was just actually starting to make a list, of things i want on the wall so I can begin to really visually understand and embed them into my mind, like :
    -the world map
    -the cosmos map (as far as it is known)
    -world history timeline
    -scientific processes

  2. I ended up reading the youtube comments and so many people did not understand the true debate so I HAD to respond 🙂 :

    I think Brody’s point is that information should not be purposely made to look beautiful as a GOAL, instead :

    It should be to investigate and present information in a way that shows us a better understanding of the TRUTH about things, and for what needs to be changed – to actually inspire people to DO something about it, to alter the PATTERN.

    To think and ACT for the better.

    “Grassroot movements” is people spontaneously gathering together to create a powerful force to make something important happen.
    sansanzabeth 1 second ago

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