The Structure of the Universe?

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Starting top left and moving left to right: we have 12.8 byo; 12.0 byo; 10.3 byo; 6.8 byo; 3.4 byo; and today. Images created by via Lactea | & ||. Cosmological structure formation simulations. Created to study the formation of GALAXIES from a COSMOLOGICAL perspective. Meaning reconstructing the structure forming process of the milky way as a piece of a larger system (the cosmos). The images look like their TELESCOPING into today. The images are measures of epochs composed of 24 decades.

but look at the image constructed for the ‘oldest’ epoch:

it doesn’t fit into the telescoping progression. This constrcution simultaneously represents 13.3 billion years ago, and only 460 million years after the big bang. Each of these images comes with a corresponding age after the big bang. They move in 2 different directions of time…

the via lactea project

time warp dance:

refs to alice in wonderland shrinking and growing…

&&  zot!

Scott McClouds comic Zot! includes so much of what we are talking about in a creative narrative way.

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