The Omega Point

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The definition of OMEGA is the ending of a series or sequence;
  • the last (24th) letter of the Greek alphabet
  • “the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” – Revelations of the New Testament

“The Metamorphosis of Narcissus” by Salvador Dali (1937)

(perfect for our realization of loving surrealism and collaged imagery

COMBINED with the content we are all about)

1. The “Age of Narcissism” is slowly but surely coming to an end as trans-national deep crises cut the model of “me-first and me-last” ranging from those events we are yet to see in the global financial markets, socio-economic systems, lifestyle experiments to health and well being awakening.

2. The Metamorphosis of Narcissism, ie, Selfishness, towards the Golden Age of greater good and self-lessness is bound to prevail in the midst of a series of global and personal crises precipitated by nature and short term gain capitalism.

3. Evolution from an ego-centric self-gratification vision of the world towards collective-thinking and community betterment/survival shaped by global crises will increasingly become a necessity.

4. The Noosphere‘s (The Sphere of human thought) role is vast in helping to eliminate “manipulations, errors and omissions” by hierarchical authorities and to raise “collective consciousness” to reach the “Omega point” via the global internet, web and mobile technologies as well as inner spiritual progress. This will provoke all to understand “who am I and what is my purpose?”

The French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin emphasizes the way that geography and distance are eliminated as human minds coalesce to solve a problem or fight a common enemy eventually to reach the “Omega point.” Teilhard de Chardin said, “The age of nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is to build the earth.”

The Omega Point is a term coined by Teilhard de Chardin to denote the state of the maximum organized complexity (complexity combined with centricity), towards which the universe is evolving – from our initial state of DISorganized complexity.

Teilhard’s universe is subdivided into matter and love, which are the tangential (rotational) and the radial (centripetal) components of the same spiral flow of fundamental psychic energy.

Here is Telihard’s own words describing this process 🙂

We shall assume that, essentially, all energy is psychic in nature; but add that in each particular element this fundamental energy is divided into two distinct components: a tangential energy which links the element with all others of the same order (that is to say, of the same complexity and the same centricity) as itself in the universe; and a radial energy which draws it towards even greater complexity and centricity—in other words forwards.
Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being. This is no metaphor; and it is much more than poetry. Whether as a force or a curvature, the universal gravity of bodies, so striking to us, is merely the reverse or shadow of that which really moves nature. To perceive cosmic energy ‘at the fount’ we must, if there is a within of things, go down into the internal or radial zone of spiritual attractions. Love in all its subtleties is nothing more, and nothing less, than the more or less direct trace marked on the heart of the element by the psychical convergence of the universe upon itself.
—Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de, The Phenomenon of Man
I just thought this idea was amazing and Beautiful and its blowing my mind 🙂  I do have to say however if there is this great force of love drawing everything together …. there must be an equal and opposite counter force as always right?  And I don’t even want to know the nature of this opposite of love force 😦 Sigh … but I guess we must know its nature in order to battle it … anyway its inside us probably … its which side of the duality you choose to live in the end …

Five attributes of the Omega Point

  1. Already existing. Only thus can the rise of the universe towards higher stages of consciousness be explained.
  2. Personal – an intellectual being and not an abstract idea or a human collective. The increasing complexity of matter has not only led to higher forms of consciousness, but accordingly to more personalization, of which human beings are the highest attained form in the known universe. They are completely individualized, free centers of operation. It is in this way that man is said to be made in the image of God, who is the highest form of personality. Teilhard expressly stated that in the Omega Point, when the universe becomes One, human persons will not be suppressed, but super-personalized. Personality will be infinitely enriched. This is because the Omega Point unites creation, and the more it unites, the increasing complexity of the universe aids in higher levels of consciousness. Thus, as God creates, the universe evolves towards higher forms of complexity, consciousness, and finally with humans, personality, because God, who is drawing the universe towards Him, is a person.
  3. Transcendent. The Omega Point cannot be the result of the universe’s final complex stage of itself on consciousness. Instead, the Omega Point must exist even before the universe’s evolution, because the Omega Point is responsible for the rise of the universe towards more complexity, consciousness and personality. Which essentially means that the Omega Point is outside the framework in which the universe rises, because it is by the attraction of the Omega Point that the universe evolves towards Him.
  4. Autonomous. That is, free from the limitations of space (nonlocality) and time (atemporality).
  5. Irreversible. That is attainable and imperative; it must happen and cannot be undone.

So this idea is founded on the idea of a sacred geometric pattern of life being a dynamic force and that we are evolving towards a moment of universal collective consciousness, which would thus bring us into the next higher state of universal being.

This is connected with the telescoping of time (scene from Waking Life) and Revelations (final story in the bible detailing the end of the world in which the true believers aka those aligned with the true consciouness of the universe, will continue on to the next stage and those who do not will perish).

I’m just so excited its about LOVE!!!  🙂   Everyone knows its the most powerful, transformative force of all 🙂


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