♥FireRainbow Umbrella for Cats

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Universal Design Mysteries Midterm Presentation

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Michelle, We Did It Again

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I saved this picture the night before the presentation, I just didnt have time to load it until now 🙂

Escher: Smaller & Smaller

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Good job today guys!!!

Now that we’re done and the future is here, thinking about what is to come.

In the future we hear about “oooooohhhhhh the digital world. everything is getting sooooo SMALL” ( insert hello kitty phone buttons… lolz ) “kids and their crazy techonology” – nanotechnology, microbots, keychain cameras, mini phones, etc etc. all based on microchip processing. Some things can’t get any smaller, ( insert hello kitty phone buttons again ). Size starts to become more interesting now. Without the quest for smallness the question of best fit size becomes an imperative design question. How can we make things that operate on multiple size levels. the internet, the printed paper, to the installation, the phone, and through words, all are dependent upon size and time. cool.


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mandala + inf diagrams

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fig.1 Our knowledge is like a pancake.

fig.2 Circling the square going back to infinity and the idea that time is epochal, meaning what we perceive as time are actually slices of a continuum.

fig.3 Timestretch, the idea that a heavy mass can change the flow of gravity thereby slowing time.


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Umbrella of pattern

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Triangle Life

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A Japanese Spiral Umbrella

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This is a traditional Japanese umbrella named Wagasa. Wagasa umbrella is hand-made from 100% natural materials.

I found this while researching spiral umbrellas and I felt so sad thinking about Japan now. Such a tragedy..

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