Starlight, Scarabs and Fireflies

March 2, 2011 at 10:47 am | Posted in nature, pattern, research | Leave a comment

Hi guys : )    I found a cool pattern that connects starlight, scarabs and fireflies 🙂 It is called circular polarization of an electromagnetic wave.

This occurs in electrodynamics when the electric field of a passing wave does not change strength – but only changes direction in a rotary type manner, circular polarization.

Only a few mechanisms in nature are known to systematically produce circularly polarized light :

The light reflected off the golden scarab beetle.

The bio-luminescence of firefly babies.

Looking at scattered light underwater!

Whoa okay I’m going to try to explain the *starlight*.

When it starts off it gets linearly polarized “by scattering from interstellar dust grains” which spin on their axis parallel to the magnetic field, thus polarizing the light perpendicularly… okay I have no idea what I’m saying I tried haha.

Okay and then lastly these are called BIOGLYPHS, by Montana State University, who used bioluminescent bacteria to paint petri dishes, trying to “bridge science and art”.

Oh and apparently fireflies are known for their amazing synchronicity – they can blink on and off at the same time (on the same beat 😉 – by the thousands!!!  This is definitely a very important key word for us.


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