JR – Turning the World INSIDE OUT

March 6, 2011 at 2:52 am | Posted in research | 1 Comment

Okay you guys HE is just one of the most amazing inspirations for us JR the French artist who puts the big black and white photos of people and different art HUGE in the public.

I watched his TED talk it was SO inspirational.  He talks about how he has a 28 mm camera so in order to get the photos you have to be 10 inches or less from the person – meaning the interaction has to be done with TRUST.

He talks about how they just go to different places around the world, organically wander and talk to people, listen to their stories, explain the project and place the pictures of the people whose stories need to be told, in important public places! Large public art! with a beautiful purpose!

He talks about how they have created a NEW PARADIGM that the communities have continued to express themselves artistically this way!

They also post the pictures not only in the place where the story is from, but in all the other places around the country that they go to !  So they are constantly telling everyones story wherever they go – at the same time listening to another new one !

What an amazing life!!!! We have to check out his website where you can upload your own picture to tell your story and he will send you a printout to paste up!!!!!! We should all do it and help each other put it up!!!!




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  1. This is a GREAT project. The video is so impact and so beautiful. I just posted this video to other blog for my another class..I wish we could do like this! 🙂

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