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all of lights. I’m always kind of obsessed with the latest kanye happenins. especially his videos, his music is super in tune with contemporary art, really techy and graphic.

(whoa so I tried to post the video, and its hosted on vivo which doesn’t allow its content to be universally embedable. It’s probably to retain some kind of quality web platform. hmmm)



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  1. DUDE
    I LOVE Your Portfolio Website
    it is SO well designed – the pictures are the perfect size and COOL arrangement !!!!!!!
    it is SO simple to use
    and your simple design allows for sooooooo much complexity by having the scroll go as far as you want it too!!!

    Amazing Job Kirby 🙂
    you should like handdraw a design or go through stuff you drew before, maybe a mashup lol, and then like do an opaque /or not overlay…i mean background … connecting the whole thing together
    obviously still leave A LOT of white space so things dont get cluttered

  2. thats a reallly good idea!! definitely missing some hand quality stuff, I only recently started documenting that part of my process (!)

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