Universal Design Mysteries Midterm Presentation

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Dingbats :)

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Lol you guys I am having way too much fun downloading free fonts on dafont.com

and I suddenly realized it would be awesome for another mini iteration to make our own set of dingbats :)) like a SET of symbols that we personally identify with or want to group together…and we would have to define the set


ORRRR / ANDDDD !!!! we could DESIGN OUR OWN font typography!!!  haven’t you guys wanted to do that ?? maybe u have lol I havent it sounds supperrr FUN

and important for our project because we are about WORDS & Language too 🙂  and this is another perfect symbiosis of the symbol, its associated meaning, and ART !

and here are some SQUARE fonts Kirby 🙂  hmmmm maybe we could base our fonts on our shapes…

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