Universal Design Mysteries Midterm Presentation

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mandala + inf diagrams

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fig.1 Our knowledge is like a pancake.

fig.2 Circling the square going back to infinity and the idea that time is epochal, meaning what we perceive as time are actually slices of a continuum.

fig.3 Timestretch, the idea that a heavy mass can change the flow of gravity thereby slowing time.

Umbrella of pattern

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A Japanese Spiral Umbrella

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This is a traditional Japanese umbrella named Wagasa. Wagasa umbrella is hand-made from 100% natural materials.

I found this while researching spiral umbrellas and I felt so sad thinking about Japan now. Such a tragedy..

squared square []

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My Infinity Flower is based on the universal shape of the circle, representing continuity, cycles and wholeness.  I have chosen the color red as the pulsing symmetry of the circle creates an energy.  My flower will blossom to the sound and rhythm of a heartbeat, and wither as it fades to silence, its loop representing the everlasting cycle of creation and destruction.

The process of physically preparing the space on paper, gathering your materials, measuring out segments with your eyes and connecting dots, really can teach you something every time.  I think I realized that as soon as you know the form of one thing, you can understand the form of its duality, because they co-exist.  Drawing one petal, intuitively brought my hand around to draw its opposing partner.  As the petal itself knows naturally to grow symmetrically, I know these patterns, curves and proportions too!  I feel them innately inside me whenever I do something artistic, drawing or dancing.

Something interesting I noticed during the creation process was that as the circle I was making on the paper got bigger, the motion I used to create the circle (spread the pastel) changed in a very distinct way, but always remained essentially circular!

I really have a lot of respect for the monks that meditate on mandalas for so long … it is a form that exercises your eyes and your mind for understanding how parts interact and compose a whole.  It is like mind kung fu for navigating the universe’s matrix mandala.

the 1st

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Rauschenberge – Sammlung Marx 1982

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My Triangle Mandala will borrow the form of umbrella!

And if I rotate this mandala umbrella it will show another moving animation

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