scale of the universe

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cool flash program


The Tibetan Book of the Dead

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in roughly 12 minutes.


release is last, I like the video the best

liberation of the Mind:


the dalai lama:



” more fresh body ” … yes please

Universal Design Mysteries Midterm Presentation

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Escher: Smaller & Smaller

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Good job today guys!!!

Now that we’re done and the future is here, thinking about what is to come.

In the future we hear about “oooooohhhhhh the digital world. everything is getting sooooo SMALL” ( insert hello kitty phone buttons… lolz ) “kids and their crazy techonology” – nanotechnology, microbots, keychain cameras, mini phones, etc etc. all based on microchip processing. Some things can’t get any smaller, ( insert hello kitty phone buttons again ). Size starts to become more interesting now. Without the quest for smallness the question of best fit size becomes an imperative design question. How can we make things that operate on multiple size levels. the internet, the printed paper, to the installation, the phone, and through words, all are dependent upon size and time. cool.

Triangle Life

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Rauschenberge – Sammlung Marx 1982

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My Triangle Mandala will borrow the form of umbrella!

And if I rotate this mandala umbrella it will show another moving animation

RiP! A Remix Manifesto

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SICK documentary so far about someone who loves GirlTalk all about remixes, cutups, where things come from, how we develop art 🙂


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my attitude got me walkin solo

ride out alone in my lolo

watchin the whole world movin slomo

for quiet times disappear

listen to the ocean


So I think I could probably have connected whichever song would have come on my ipod as I walked home just now, but Broken Wings by Tupac Shakur 🙂 came on and I have some thoughts I want to write down

when my mama ask me will it change?

I tell her yeah

but its clear it’ll always be the same

until the end of time

(Things do change, but in a way they are always the same.  Life constantly changes, cycles between order and chaos, creation and destruction.)

take these broken wings

I need your hands to come and heal me once again

once again

so I can fly away

till the end of time

(We each need to heal what is broken in each of us … we will continue to get hurt and need to heal each other again and again… so we can have a love/ability to “fly” that will last with us forever… )

JR – Turning the World INSIDE OUT

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Okay you guys HE is just one of the most amazing inspirations for us JR the French artist who puts the big black and white photos of people and different art HUGE in the public.

I watched his TED talk it was SO inspirational.  He talks about how he has a 28 mm camera so in order to get the photos you have to be 10 inches or less from the person – meaning the interaction has to be done with TRUST.

He talks about how they just go to different places around the world, organically wander and talk to people, listen to their stories, explain the project and place the pictures of the people whose stories need to be told, in important public places! Large public art! with a beautiful purpose!

He talks about how they have created a NEW PARADIGM that the communities have continued to express themselves artistically this way!

They also post the pictures not only in the place where the story is from, but in all the other places around the country that they go to !  So they are constantly telling everyones story wherever they go – at the same time listening to another new one !

What an amazing life!!!! We have to check out his website where you can upload your own picture to tell your story and he will send you a printout to paste up!!!!!! We should all do it and help each other put it up!!!!

Chris Ofili : video

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